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I'm obsessed with Twilight...

I've been reading the Twilight series since May and been hooked on it since. When Breaking Dawn came out, I read that in two days... After I was done reading the book, I found-out that they were making a movie about it... Been psyched since - trying to wait patiently for the movie to come out. So I read the 1st book (Twilight) again.

Since Twilight came out in theatre, I watched it three times. The movie was good, but I prefer the book more because they cut so much part out from the book. I was a little disappointed but it was still pretty good. I'm gonna go watch it again for the 4th time tonight with a friend of mine. I know I'm sick, but I just love Edward so much! He's my dream guy!!
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Fuck yeah!!!

Damn!! Shawn sure knows how to work-it. 7 times in one day.... My sex record... for now! Shawn & I never left the bedroom all day Sunday, except to go grab something to eat and shower. We've been dating for almost 4 months now. I like him so much! He's the coolest!! You're the coolest ZZ!!!
Happy Miaka

A wonderful Valentine 2008

I was one bitter queen on Valentine's day but the day was actually one of the best Valentine's day ever. Even though I had to be at work at 5am and two exams for school that same day, it went well. Work was awesome. All the girls was kissing me from left to right because I bought all of 'em a single long-
stem rose's for Valentine's day, including a small, heart shape box of chocolate. Everyone was so awesome that day to me and Brian actually hug me... from behind. Can I say "ew?". Hehehe... (I know he wants me). Well, after work, I head straight to school and study. I think I did really well on my Anatomy test and my Medical Term test... I knew all the answers! I can't wait to get my test results next week.

Shawn and I have been sort of dating for almost 3 months now. It's going pretty good. Slow but good and out of all the guys he's dating right now, he chose me to be his Valentine on Valentine's day... How awesome is that? Anyways, after class, I drove over to his place so we can go out and have dinner. He drove... He did the most sweetest thing for me too! We were walking to his car and then he told me that he left something in his apartment and told me to wait for him by the car... 5 seconds later, his car trunk open and 5 heart shape red balloons was floating up in the air. I peeked-in, a dozen of red roses was there and a huge Pikachu plushie by it. I cried. He was behind me the whole time. He's so sweet. Gave each other hugs and kisses and off to dinner.

Shawn made reservation to LaVache in Hillcrest. I got the breast of duck, which was good. Shawn had the Salmon something. I was such a major slob. The damn cranberry sauce kept splashing on my shirt, I was pissed. Anyways, we got done with dinner around 11ish. We went home after that. I gave Shawn his present (a boxer short that says "HOT STUFF" and the "Elizabeth: The Golden Age" DVD), had a slice of banana creme pie and off to bed we went.

Sometimes I wish Shawn and I could be more and sometimes I think we are more, but both him and I like the pace we're going and heading. We both had a rough relationship in the past and didn't want to rush things to quickly and ruin the great friendship and bond that we have. Last night, he told him that he really likes me and if he didn't like me, he wouldn't ask me to spend a night at his place everyday. Awwwwwww..... =)

So that was my Valentine's day. Work was great! Did really well on both my exams and had an awesome valentine.
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Awesome Friday evening!!

After work, I went home to get cleaned-up for my outtings with Nick, who I have not seen for almost year. He still looks good. I drove down to his pad in Mission Hill around 6pm. We went to Fillipi's and had dinner together. Chit-chatted and catch up on things. After, we went to The Brass Rail for some pool. I suck as always and apparently Nick wasn't all that good either. We played and drink, etc before we head out. I went with him to Hollywood videos on Washington Street to rent out The Bourne Identity and Bourne Supremacy since i have seen it yet and origianlly Nick and I were suppose to go Catch the 3rd part of The Bourne movie. So Nick rented the two movies, then we drove back to his place. We were watching and drinking, etc. I just love standing and sitting next to him... He's so tall!! Tee hee hee... The movie was good. Nearly dozed-off though on the 2nd one. It was close to 1am already and Nick ask me to just crash at his place for the night since he didn't want me to drive all the way back home feelin a little tipsy and sleepy. So I crash at his place for the night. He told me that he might be leaving the country for a bit so sort of bummed out about it since. We barely just started chatting about a year ago and I've been going ga-ga for him since I saw him at that geeky convention... *sigh* We got up around 10ish and had dim sum at Jasmine's Restaurant. After dim sum, we both drove to Wal*Mart to pick up a few things. After, we gave each other a hug, tiptoed to kiss him on the lips and we went our separate ways.

Now I have to go see Bourne Ultimatum. The first two was awesome!!!
I'm not a big fan of Matt Damon, but he was alright in that movie. =)
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Steven Gump 1961-2007

Steve, the manager when I used to work at The Village Grill in Balboa Park (2000); the guy who always harrass me and picked on me when I was 17; the guy who claim I was gay to all my co-workers and joke around about me loving some hot dogs in my mouth; the one who always put a smile on everyone's faces as he enter the room passed away last Friday, August 10th.

Steve had liver cancer and never knew about it until he went on a cruise in May of 2007 with his partner and got terribly sick. He went to a doctor during his cruise to get some check-ups and found-out that he had liver cancer and been having it for quite a while (few years). Steve's regular doctor never knew about it and Steve always get his regular monthly check-up from his regular doctor because he was diabetic. The doctor who found-out that he had liver cancer told Steve that it's gotten real bad and Steve could only live for a year or two. Well, not all doctor's are perfect and can give false infos. Steve passed away three months right after that during his mini vacation with his mom - to spend some quality times with her before he passed on.

I attended Steve's private memorial service early this afternoon in front of The Grill, along with Lettie and Karina. Reminiscing about Steve, Steve's funny and silly moments with us. Remembering that Steve was known for his FAMOUS CHILI SOUP from scratch (not from a can!). *grin*

Ended the memorial service with a soft serve ice cream and Steve's supervisor, Vicky, wanted me to make my sky high soft serve ice cream for everyone. I'm surprised I could still do it. My 5' of soft, twirling, half vanilla half chocolate ice cream, who I also competed with Steve himself and David Mendez (who also passed away 3 years ago) to make the highest ice cream ever.

I will always remember Steve as a fun, loving and caring guy, a father to me and to everyone else who worked with him. A man who can always make me laugh and never hold a grudge, even though we pissed each other off like madness. He was a great guy. We all love you Steve and you will be miss terribly.

*Gosh, I should look for that ad in the San Diego magazine with the picture of me and my tall ice cream. Long, purple hair at that time.
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May Steve Rest In Peace

I just a got a memo at work today through e-mail that my old manager when I used to work at the Village Grill in Balboa Park 7 years old, Steve, had passed away about a week ago. I'm not sure what happen but I will find out tomorrow afternoon at the Memorial Service. I'm leaving work early to attend. *frown*

Gosh, if all the good people keep dying, eventually this world will only have the bad ones.
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I cannot believe it that I work nearly 19 hours straight both job last night and yet I am going in to work at 6am today. Crazy! I am so beat down right now. =(
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Stardust only gets 2.5 stars...

Went on a date with a 24 year old white guy name Jeff. he was nice. Good looking, etc. I chatted with him around christmas time of last year through myspace and we finally met up Sunday night. We watch "Stardust" starring Charles Cox, Claire Dane, Michelle Phieffer and Robert DeNiro. It was a decent movie. Nothing really to go cheering about but Jeff was sweet. After the movie ended, we went to Denny's to have a really late dinner (10ish) and chatted a bit more. Jeff had many qualities that I like - not to meantion tall and hot but he hates girls. He wish all the females in this world will be destroy. So my evening after hearing him rambling on about the female in this world, I slowly lost interest in him and my good evening became just okay. It was such a huge turn-of that after dinner was over, I just gave him a huge and peck on the cheek.

Will there be a 2nd date with Jeff? Or should I just continue on being just friends with him and nothing more? *sigh* We'll see...
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Trang's Big Day!

I attended my Trang and Samnang's wedding last night at Jasmine's Restaurant and it was awesome! It was great seeing Trang, Georgie, Johnny, Prany, Patra, David, Sammy, Sokhom, Narith, Linda, Jundy & Sary again! We had a blast! I ate like a pig for the first time in a while sinced I pigged-out.

Trang's dress was so beautiful and I can't believe it that she lost so much weight just for the wedding. 50 lbs in 4 month? Damn, I don't know how she did but I gove her promp. She looks really good now.

And I found out at the wedding that all of Sang's friend, which are my friends does not like her. I was in shocked considering how close I thought Sang was with the gang. And Georgie got implants? Damn! That's why she looks hella good! =P
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Watch "Blades of Glory" today with Kittie right after work. It was pretty good. Had a few eye candies in the movies and earned a few funny-cheesy scene. I give this movie a 3 stars.